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Hi folks! I am a full stack web and mobile developer. I sporadically blog on tech, start-ups and dev practices. I am a cricket fanatic and a tea addict with an unconditional love for beer. Cheers!


A Human, an Indian and a Gujju!

- Jaydeep Trivedi

- 25 years

- Bangalore

- Rajkot

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About me

I have close to two years of professional experience. I have been working at a blossoming start-up since my internship; so I know the practical meaning of terms like 'working under pressure', 'accountability', 'ownership', 'short-deadlines' and 'adapting to new environments'.

I specialize in building smart, effective and user centric web solutions. During my professional career; I have directly worked on demanding and complex web as well as mobile products. I worked as a part of Scrum and Agile development team to create/modify/scale/optimize software solutions for a leading ad-tech company.


"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece". - John Ruskin




"It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career". - Carlton Fisk

Product Eng.

- DeltaX


Assoc. Product Eng.

- DeltaX

- JUN, 14 TO MAY, 15

Dev Intern

- DeltaX

- JAN, 14 TO MAY, 14

At DeltaX, I started with building small front-end modules based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I developed windows services for sending customized emails with dashboard data to our clients. I also integrated Amazon Dynamo-Db with our Asp.Net Mvc based web applicaton for creating and editing short-urls which contains params like utm_term, utm_content and utm_campaign for url tagging.

Most of my worked revolved around scaling, optimizing and adding new features for an important module called Click-Conversion Tracking; which is a combination of 6 different Windows Services, Amazon S3, Sql Server and a web application based on Asp.net Mvc & Entity Framework. It is a module through which we attribute Clicks & Impressions to Conversions and aggregate data at Ad and Keyword levels. I wrote an important algorithm for deciding the path of clicks which led to conversion for helping our clients to visualize the traffic of users at search-engine level.

I also developed an hybrid mobile application based on Ionic Framework and Apache Cordova to showcase an interactive dashboard for our existing clients. Recently, I built an api integration service for consuming Google Analytics and Omniture data.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". - Nelson Mandela

Post Graduation


- 2011-2014

- Dayananda Sagar Institutions

- Visvesvaraya Technological University

- Bangalore

- First Class with Distinction


- B.Sc (IT)

- 2008-2011

- Atmiya Institute

- Saurashtra University

- Rajkot

- First Class


Jaydeep joined DeltaX right after graduating from college. As a fresh grad we were not expecting him to pick up things quickly and start contributing to the actual production level work. But to our surprise, Jaydeep was really fast in learning one of the most complex module of the product - Click Tracking. I like the fact that he gives a deep thought of the work assigned to him is very vocal about his thoughts. Lot of times this results in finding edge cases and improving the overall solution. He has a zeal for learning new tech and keep himself updated on the latest industry trends. I would highly recommend Jaydeep for any developer position he would apply and if possible - would hire him! Taher Dhilawala (CTO & Product Lead)
Jaydeep is meticulous and hardworking. His approach towards problem solving has been unique. Capable of applying independent thoughts and being a good team player, Jaydeep is an asset to any organization. During his student years, he has represented the college and has been an active participant in technical fest. He is also an avid reader of both fictional and non-fictional literature. Dr. Poornima Nataraja (Professor and Dept. Head)

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